In addition to flexibility of movement, another advantage of rope access is that at the end of the working day, all ropes and equipment are removed. This means that overnight, and over weekends, we do not leave unsightly means of access that pose a security risk. We also do not require flat, clear terrain beneath the worksite - or a pavement permit, unlike platforms and scaffolding. 


You can see here some of the advantages associated with industrial abseiling, compared to other methods of access. Essentially, when they all come together, the final benefit is a saving (of up to 75%). The higher we go, the more you save. 



Minimal set-up time 
Rope access is quick and flexible - both cradles and scaffolding require lengthy installation periods - which the client ends up paying for.

No flat terrain or pavement permit required 
Unlike mobile platforms, we do not need a large, flat, open area beneath the work site. We can operate legally and safely without time-consuming permits, unlike our competitors.

Safe and secure 
Industrial rope access is statistically the safest method of work at height. Looking from another angle, once the working day is over, we do not leave a system of access in position, which creates a serious security risk.

Minimum disturbance 
When work is not in progress - there is nothing to be seen.  Even during our largest projects, our effect on those living and working around us is almost zero. 

Industrial rope access benefits 
Put simply, industrial rope access provides a method of work that is flexible, safe, and extremely efficient - and that all means savings to the client.