Industrial rope access vs. scaffolding for painting and decorating


Belsize Park Gardens, St. John's Wood, London

Our client's brief was as follows:


  • Full preparation of all painted areas

  • Repairs to masonry and render where necessary

  • Application of an undercoat and topcoat to client's specification

  • Inspection and repair to all brickwork, guttering and slates

  • Preparation, undercoat and gloss to all wood surfaces 

       (windows and doors)

  • Preparation, primer and top coat to all metal surfaces (railings etc.)

  • Re-fixing of all loose cables and aerials/antennae

This is a saving of 16% in time, plus all the usual advantages of industrial rope access. 

The works progressed as planned, two minor defects (outside the brief) found and remedied without extra charge. 
"We were all thoroughly impressed with the approach that Vital Access had, and the work that was carried out. The painting was tidy and looks fabulous, and liaison throughout the task was good. Your flexibility when we wanted to change the paint colour during the task was much appreciated. We shall certainly use you again should the occasion arise." 
Felicity Reynards - RIBA 


Industrial rope access vs. Hung scaffold for masonary repairs


Lowndes Square, London

Our client's brief was as follows:


  • To inspect and remove loose and cracked render, which was allowing water ingress into the building.

  • To repair and re-decorate the affected area afterwards.

We carried out this task in less than half the time it would have taken compared to scaffolding, with minimum disruption. 
On this task Vital Access delivered an access solution that was unrivalled by scaffolding or 
any other means in it's effiency,lack of disruption and safety. The work was carried out to 
a high standard and delivered a cost saving of £3,000 in comparison with using a scaffold. 


Industrial rope access vs. Mobile platform for pest control


Ladbroke Grove, London

Our client's brief was as follows:


  • Clean all ledges, pipes and potential pigeon resting places.

  • Spike as necessary, double on the wilder parapets.


Industrial rope access is still the solution of choice due to the flexibility of the system. With no need for permits, or flat stable ground beneath the work area, the whole project is much less complicated. Industrial abseiling is still more cost-effective as there is no separation between the access method and the works being done. 
The client was very happy with his first use of rope access. 


Industrial rope access vs. Scaffolding or cradle techniques

for painting


The Great Western Hotel (Hilton Group), Paddington, London -

for Costain Skanska Plc (Cousins London)

Our client's brief was as follows:


  • Full preparation of rear wlevation, including reveals.

  • Rendering of window surrounds.

  • Repairs to masonry and render at 27 locations.

  • Application of Kelm Granital paints, cream.

  • Application of Kelm Granital paints, mushroom to window detail.

  • Preparation, undercoat and top coat to all metal pipe work.

Value of rope access vs. scaffolding
Traditionally a task involving scaffolding, the table demonstrates how these other forms of access can gain the client flexibility and savings. 
Value of rope access vs. cradles
Even cradles require installation - industrial abseiling does not. 
"The work was carried out at The Great Western Royal Hotel to an elevation approximately 400m² using Keim external mineral paints. This included an element of render repairs. All works were carried out competently and to required standard." 

Ben Doherty, Surveyor 


Industrial rope access for window cleaning


The Holiday Inn Hotel, Heathrow Airport.

Our client's brief was as follows:


  • Window cleaning, exterior, all elevations.

  • Contract to be carried out every three months.


Window cleaning buildings not fitted with an integral cradle system is most cheaply achieved via rope access. 
This contract is on going, to the client's complete satisfaction. We use the same operatives each time to ensure a good relationship. We cause minimal disruption to the hotel guests during the day. 


Industrial rope access vs. scaffolding for surveys


Client : Szerelmey Plc.   For Sloane Court West, Chelsea, London.

Our client's brief was as follows:


  • Full visual and photo survey.

  • Make safe, removal of defective render.

  • Full survey report on hard copy and CD-Rom

This is a saving of over 35%! 

This was a relatively simple task, but for the fact that the front elevation was over a busy pavement. Some render had already fallen, leaving the client keen to remove any further loose material before anybody came to harm, and to discover the depth of the problem. 
Not only does rope access not require pavement permits (unlike scaffolding), but our ability to complete the contract with the minimum of disturbance to the tenants in the block was another key factor. 
We were more effective in every way than the alternatives, and our speed of response has no rival. 
"Thanks for coming so quickly, we were very worried about more things falling down." 
 Tenant of building to the Team Supervisor.